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La Cuisine Creole

La Cuisine Creole is a fascinating cookbook published in New Orleans in 1885. Even then it was clear that diversity made Gulf Coast cuisine great: “‘La Cuisine Creole’ (Creole cookery) partakes of the nature of its birthplace–New Orleans–which is cosmopolitan in its nature, blending the characteristics of the American, French, Spanish, Italian, West Indian and… Read more »

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Issue 2: Notes and Works Cited

Seito Saibara and Texas Rice by Todd Romero For information on Saibara’s background, see Kiyoko T. Kurosawa, “Seito Saibara’s Diary of Planting a Japanese Colony in Texas,” Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies 2:1 (1964): 54-65; and, especially Thomas K Walls, The Japanese Texans (San Antonio: The University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures, 1987), 67-80…. Read more »

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Issue 2: Migrations

Sugar & Rice, Issue 2 is almost here. We have a kick-ass cover, cool layouts, and amazing articles, including: A touching, personal take on hunting migratory birds by Jill Carroll An exploration of the Japanese influences on Texas and Louisiana rice farming by Todd Romero of the Gulf Coast Food Project Psychedelic fiction by Justin… Read more »

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