Sugar and Rice Issue #3 Release Party!

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My car smells like ink, so it must be time to celebrate—to celebrate another issue of Sugar & Rice and to celebrate storytelling and the Gulf Coast. I love working with writers, photographers, and artists, spending time rearranging words, and helping craft stories, but nothing beats finally sharing those stories with people. It makes all the work—okay, sometimes it’s hard to call doing something this fun work—so let’s say it makes lugging 50 boxes of magazines up a couple of flight of stairs worthwhile, which I did with the help of some great folks–everything in this venture has happened with the help of some great folks.

So next Monday night (11/10) at D&T Drive Inn, we are going to raise a glass or two to the vibrancy of the Gulf, to the art of storytelling, to the fisherman and farmers who provide us our food, to the writers who tell their stories, to our own stories waiting to be told. I hope to see you there. I’ve turned off, disabled, deleted and removed the core of everything related to facebook, including my contacts, calendars and more but i’m still getting this annoying notices