Hop Delusion, A State of Mind.

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By: Reid Schroder, a Manager at Down House

Citra : High in alpha acids with a floral and tropical citrus aroma as bright as a clear summer day and a bitter bite that you won’t want to stop lingering.

Simcoe : Now we’re moving towards the piney end of the hop spectrum. Earth and herbal aromas dominate a simcoe forward IPA, which makes for a fresh nose full of pine after each sip.

Hop Delusion: It’s a state of mind, a feeling that reality as you know it is a world full of hops. Or, a really cool casking series in which Karbach Brewing Company invites the proprietors of watering holes around town to finish off Karbach’s 100+ IBU double IPA with a dry-hopped combination of their choosing.

Jason and I recently took a trip to Karbach’s brewery where crew members Paul Greenwood, David Graham and Jax Claiborn had a room full of Citra, Simcoe, and several other hop varietals like Mosaic and Amarillo for us to sample. Jason was on a mission to pick a combination of hops intended to finish off D&T’s keg of Hop Delusion with a meticulous balance of dry hopped alchemy. I was along for the ride and shamelessly dove head first into bricks full of resinous, dank hop glory.

The process of rubbing a handful of hop cones together and whiffing the characteristics of each one worked out fantastic for the both of us. My “search and destroy” method of sampling left a thick coat of prized hop dust on my hands and clinging to my flannel shirt, and Jason came up with what I think will be one of the most balanced casks of Hop Delusion in the city.

When you’re at D&T sipping on a glass of Hop Delusion during Craft Beer Week, know that love and respect for the magic of the hop cone went into every ounce of this cask.

We’re looking out for you, hop heads. Check it out today (May 15, 2014). The problem time moneyland’s has graduation season become the most depressing time of college-homework-help.org/ year