D&T Drive Inn

in the Heights since 1959

The history is a little murky, but we do know one thing for sure: D&T first got its name in 1959 when Mrs. McKeehan took over an old ice house. She named it D&T after her sons, Dan and Ted. From what we can gather, it’s been a home, a convenience store, and a “real” ice house–the kind of place that sold blocks of ice to people to keep their food cold in their “ice boxes,” before commercial refrigeration was readily available.

The place changed hands a few times: Johnny, Marie, Terry, Lilly, Debra are a few we know for sure–but it stayed a beer joint for Brooke Smith and the Heights. We’re pleased to be behind the bar now. We’ve got 50 beers on tap, a great kitchen, and a smile ready for you every day of the year.

We enthusiastically live our values of community, quality, hospitality, education, and fun every day. To learn more about our values, visit Treadsack.com.